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Seabrook Rotary Foundation

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Seabrook Police Department
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Reverse Draw Rules

Seabrook Rotary Reverse Draw Rules

  1. A maximum of 300 tickets priced at $100 each will be sold and entered into the drawing which will be held in the Lounge of Lakewood Yacht Club during the annual Men Who Cook.
  2. The Grand Prize is $10,000 worth of gold coins valued on the date of purchase (approx. 5 days before the drawing.
  3. Door prizes valued at or near the ticket price of $100 will be awarded at random to ticket bearers during the Reverse Draw.
  4. The Grand Prize winner will be the bearer of the last ticket stub drawn.
  5. During the Reverse Draw, the names of the last 10 ticket bearers will be announced.  Those ticket bearers who are actually present at the drawing will be given an opportunity to form “partnerships” among themselves or to allow their tickets to “stand alone”. No “representatives” of absentee ticket bearers will be allowed in partnerships.   Any ticket bearer among the final 10 who is not present at the drawing will have his/her ticket “stand alone”.  Ticket bearers need not be present to win; however, they MUST be present to enter into a partnership.  Approximately 10 minutes will be allowed for these “negotiations”. Every attempt will be made to notify all present at Men Who Cook that the Reverse Draw is in the final phase; however, ticket bearers arriving after the partnerships have been formed must “stand alone”.
  6. The partnerships will be clearly identified and asked to stand together as 1 group.
  7. If the last ticket drawn is that of a partnership member, then the Grand Prize of $10,000 worth of gold coins will be awarded to the partnership and divided equally among the partnership members.
  8. If the last ticket drawn is “standing alone” and not a member of a partnership, the Grand Prize will be awarded to that ticket holder entirely.
  9. A ticket bearer need not to be present to win the Grand Prize, the Consolation Prize, or Door Prizes.
  10. After the Grand Prize winner has been announced, the 299 losing ticket stubs will be returned to the hopper.  One final ticket stub will be drawn from the “losers” for the Consolation Prize of $1,000 worth of silver valued on the date of purchase (approx.. 5 days before the drawing.)
  11. Both the Grand Prize and the Consolation Prize will be awarded immediately after the Reverse Draw.  If the winners are not present, those prizes must be claimed later by the actual ticket bearer.


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